Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How Have We Gotten This Far Already?

How is it that we have already survived 9 months with these beautiful babies of ours? It's so hard to belive that in only 3 short months, my babies will be a year old. It seems like we were just bringing them home yesterday and Frank was so exhausted that he picked up our cat and started patting his back, trying to burp him. :-)

With every month that goes by, I say to myself, "We did it. We survived another month." With every new milestone the twins meet, I can't help but smile (and get teary eyed at times) and be the proudest mama on the block.

If someone had told me a year ago that I would be a mother to twins and that my life would be so blessed and happy as it is now, I wouldn't have believed them. How could I have ever believed that God would bless us as much as He has right now? I am on awe of His love for us.

Everyday I wake up, thanking Him not only for another day of life for myself and my husband, but for another day of life for my children, another day of changing dirty diapers, wiping up smelly spit up, cleaning smeared peas and carrots off the kitchen floor, and cuddling my little angels.

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