Saturday, November 28, 2009

Butt Paste!

When it comes to diaper rash treatment, I've tried just about everything out there for my little angels' bottoms. Someone gave us a small tube of Boudreaux's Butt Paste at our baby shower, so I started off using that first. It worked fine, but I wasn't overly impressed, since I had never used anything else anyway. Fast forward 5-6 months later, when teething began and with it, nasty, horrible diarrhea, and my poor baby girl broke out in an AWFUL, red, raw rash that killed her hiney every time I had to wipe her during diaper changes. I had no more butt paste left, but had some cheap, Johnson + Johnson's diaper rash ointment, so I began using that on her poor little butt. To my surprise (and sympathy for Merasia), it didn't even ALMOST clear it up. Hubs and I immediately made a trip to Walmart to get some other stuff. I had a coupon for Balmex, so we got that. Twenty-four hours later, and the redness was gone, but the rawness and rash itself was still there, and still causing her pain. I gave it a couple more days, but after no difference, we set out to buy something else. This time, we tried Desitin. I figured it must be good, I saw it in online ads all the time and heard about it through the grapevine from other mothers. But, not only did this not clear up the rash, it didn't even make it look a tiny bit better. It looked just as worse, and the smell of this stuff was horrendous. Disgusting!

At this point, I was overly frustrated and felt awful for prolonging my poor daughter's rash by not getting something that would give her relief, so we bought another tube of Butt Paste. It seemed to work before, so I figured we had nothing to lose. We found it at a cheaper price at Walmart, as opposed to our local grocery stores. After one or two uses of this stuff, her rash was just about gone and looked considerably better. Better than it had looked since it began 2+ weeks earlier. FINALLY. She ha
d relief, and I felt better.

I remember using this butt paste on a few children at a daycare I used to work at, and I thought it was gross and weird, and the name of it threw me off completely. But now, as a mother myself and after trying this stuff, I am in love. I am obsessed. I will never buy anything else again for diaper rash treatment. It's worth the extra dollar or two since it works so well. It doesn't smell, either! It has a "nice" scent. I can't explain the smell...but trust me when I say it doesn't smell like peppermint (Balmex) or a doctor's office (Desitin). It washes off my hand easily after use with just a wipe, which is wonderful, since I usually need to get it cleaned off my hand immediately after applying it if I am to get the diaper on my child quickly before he/she runs away from me. It cleans off of baby's butt ea
sily too, so after every diaper change, you can clean up and reapply a fresh coat. The only "flaw" in this diaper rash cream is that it will stain clothes if it touches them, so you can't just wipe your hand off on a towel or anything, but since I always have wipes nearby when I am changing diapers anyway, it's not a big deal to grab a wipe, clean off my hand, and throw it in the trash.

My only other complaint? I don't have an unlimited lifetime supply at my disposal!

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