Monday, November 30, 2009


I need to come to face the reality that my house will never stay clean.

Plain and simple.

This morning, I swept and mopped the kitchen floor as the babies were finishing their formula. Afterwards, they had their breakfast of banana yogurt and toast. And when they were finished, there were pieces of toast and crumbs all over my clean, just mopped floor. BOO HOO!

I am obsessed with cleaning my kitchen floor. Not only am I obsessed with this because I have two vulnerable little monsters crawling all around the house, but because the floor is WHITE (who puts a WHITE floor in a kitchen?!?!) and it's one of the first rooms people see when they walk into our house. so it needs to be kept nice and clean. In my opinion, anyway. So, imagine my frustration when I clean it, and not even an hour later, it needs to be swept again. And though it may not need to be mopped again, it "bugs" me to leave it with just a sweeping and no mopping.

I simply need to face the fact that with two children and a husband, I will never have a clean house. I can try; I try really hard! But it seems I end up sweeping and mopping the floor...every. Single. Day. Ugh.

The kitchen floor isn't the only thing that doesn't stay clean. It seems that I pick up the babies toys 123905940547837485385793 BILLION times a day. Seriously. They play while they wait for their bottles. Then they play when they are done. And then they play after breakfast. And then they play when they wake up from their first nap. They play after their bottles again. They play after lunch, and after their second nap. They play alllll evening, until bath time and bed. And thus, I am picking up toys after their morning bottles; after their morning nap; after their afternoon nap; after an evening catnap if they take one; after baths and when they are in bed. I'm beginning to wonder if that is even worth it.

Oh well. Please, stop by and visit anyway! Ignore the path of toys you must walk through to our living room...our kitchen...our bathroom. It's our norm.

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