Monday, January 11, 2010

Connor & Merasia's First Birthday!

Connor and Merasia had a wonderful first birthday! It started as a stressful day for mama, though! I was up at 6 to get the chili in the crock pot for 7, so it would be done in time for us to leave for the party. The babies got up, had pancakes for breakfast, and played for a while before going down for their nap. I wanted to get a good nap out of them that morning so they would be happy for their party. It worked! :-)

We left later than I had wanted to, and I felt rushed when we were decorating, trying to feed the babies their lunch, and get everything out and settled for the party before guests arrived. Luckily I had Frank to help, as well as my best friend Jenn, and my mom. And in all the stress of rushing around, I forgot the photos at home...I wanted to set up a nice entry table with photos of the babies from birth to now, along with the guest book for everyone to sign, but I realized when we got there, 20 minutes away from our house, that I forgot all of the photos. I was bummed, but oh well. There was nothing I could do then!

We had a good turnout for guests. There was about 10-15 guests, plus my nieces and nephews. Everyone enjoyed the chili and snacks I made, and loved watching the babies eat their own cakes. They were completely adorable and didn't get as messy as I thought they would! After they ate cake and were all cleaned up, it was time for presents! The babies got a whole bunch of new toys that bang, clang, sing, and POP (Yes, we got ANOTHER ball popper!). They also each got a new pair of shoes and a couple outfits, and Connor got his big boy forward facing car seat to match his sister's! (Thank you Aunt Crystal!!)

The babies were completely well behaved and didn't have one meltdown. Toward the very end they got a little fussy, but they held off and as soon as they hit the car, they were out cold. Tired little ones!

So, all in all, it was a wonderful day, and we got lots of wonderful photos to remember it. (Those to come soon!)

I still can't believe I am the mother to ONE-YEAR-OLDS. Where did the time go??

And the worse part? Frank's boss told him that once they hit 1, the years go by even FASTER. (He would know! He's got 3 of his own!) Great. Something to look forward to, right? :-(


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