Monday, January 4, 2010

First Birthday Planning

I've been busy planning the details of the twin's first birthday party! This makes for lots of exhausting days, full of e-mails, phone calls, internet searches, trips to Walmart for decorations, trips to the post office to send out invitations, calling to get everyone's RSVP...and the list goes on!

Everything seems pretty well set. The room we are renting is good and ready to go. The lady will be e-mailing me tonight with the code to open the box outside to get the key to get into the building...and how to lock it back up when we are done. They told me to feel free to get there early to decorate and I won't be charged for that time frame (thank God). And to slide my check under the door when we leave, and feel free to get rid of all our trash in the dumpsters out back. Nice. Good deal!

The cakes are all set. We have a Tow Mater (from the movie, Cars!) cake and a Tinkerbell cake that will be dropped off by noon on Saturday. We also have a smaller round cake with sprinkles and balloons that says "Happy First Birthday, Connor & Merasia!" for the rest of the guests. We got that one for free simply by joining the birthday club at our local grocery store. Again, good deal!

The decorations are semi set. We have pink and blue first birthday banners, pink and blue first birthday decorations to hang from the ceiling, etc. We have a blue prince crown for Connor and an adorable flowery pink headband for Merasia. I received word tonight that our pink and blue first birthday high chair decorating kits are en route to us as we speak! All we have left to buy is a Tinkerbell and Car's table for the food table and one for the present table. I need a neutral type one for the picture/guest book table. And of course, plates, cups, forks, etc.

I have a few more snacks and the drinks to get still. And I have to get up bright and early Saturday and start preparing the chili. It will take about 4 hours in the crock pot, so it will be ready just in time for the party.

On Saturday, we will get to the place we are having the party around noon, and start decorating and setting up. We will set up the guest book table with all of the photos of the babies. We'll set up the food and drinks. We'll decorate and chase after the babies as they get into everything around them.

And as I am writing this, it just now hits doesn't seem possible that my babies are going to be ONE.

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