Saturday, February 20, 2010

13 Months!

I am at a loss for words that my babies are now 13 month olds! I just can't get over how they used to be teeny, tiny, scrunchy faced, and, in Merasia's case, pudgy, newborns, and now they are walking, talking, rambunctious, independent 13 month olds!

These angels never cease to amaze me each and every day with something new, cute, funny, or...not so funny. ;-)

Connor has recently started putting both hands on his head, as if to say "OH MY GOSH!" LOL It's beyond cute, and I need to get a picture or video of him doing it, but I can never catch him doing it at the right time when I have a camera ready! Every time we say "uh oh!" he does it. I love it!

Merasia is constantly exploring her language skills and walking skills. When she wakes up from a nap or in the morning, the stands up in her crib and walks over to the side, where she looks over the edge at her brother, who may or may not still be sleeping. But, if he IS still sleeping when she does this, she wakes him up with talking to him or screeching, playing, etc. She loves her brother so much!

I can't count the times that I put them both down for a nap, go in to check on them a few minutes later, and they are both standing up, holding hands, talking to each other, and playing between their cribs. I lay them both back down and they go to sleep, or I leave them and they will lay down by themselves a little while later and drift off to sleep.

It's amazing and melts my heart to see the bond that they have and the love they have with and for each other. They are truly best friends and I can't wait to see their bond continue to blossom as the months and years go by.

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E*Brake said...

I forgot I had a 'family blog'...probably because I only wrote in it once... Anyway, yeah. My sister and I were inseparable for the longest time. Twin-hood meant never being alone! OMG did I cry the first day of kindergarten when we were in different classes...ha