Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Diarrhea has taken over our house.

Well, not the whole house. Just for the twins. Which is bad enough.

But, no fever, no vomiting, no change in appetite, no exhaustion. They are happy as clams, yet blowing out poop from all inches of their diapers. FUN!


We cut out all dairy today, except for the small amount of yogurt they had at breakfast. They love their yogurt!

But, no milk, etc. They eat their meals and snacks as normally, and get water, watered down juice, or Pedialyte in place of the milk they would normally get. It actually hasn't been that bad. I thought they were be more hungry than normal and cranky all around without their milk, but they are perfectly okay with it.

Today, Connor still had two diarrhea's, but not as bad as they had been, and Merasia had a poop earlier that was almost more solid, but a more runnier diarrhea consistency later tonight right before bed.

We will continue with no dairy tomorrow, and see if things get better before slowly introducing milk back into their everyday diet. :-)

Who knew I would be blogging about my children's POOP?

Oh well.

At least there is a bright side to them being in diapers...I can't imagine how much worse it would be if they had just underwear on!

I shudder to think!


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E*Brake said...

you know you're a mom when you can write a whole blog post about poop!