Friday, March 19, 2010

Guess What Came Today?

Okay, so the pack and play didn't REALLY come today. That was waiting for me at the post office yesterday. (EEEKKK!!!)

BUT, the camera to take these photos (except the one of Connor, that was taken with my phone last night lol), that came today!!!!!!

It's charging right now, but I have played with it a little bit. I want to play with it a lot more, but must be patient. ;-)

We discovered that the software that came with the camera is not compatible with our computer, but that's okay. We also found out the memory card we have is not supported by our computer, so we need a new one, but, we have a USB cable we can connect to the computer and lets us upload photo and video without any fancy software, etc., so that's a relief! I was freaking at first, but it's all good. ;-)

I LOVE the pack and play!! Of course all of the attachments are not on it, because those are for the new baby, but the babies tried out the pack and play last night, and as you can see from one of the pictures above, Connor loves it. He was even jumping up and down in it, and giggling and squealing! Such a cutie pie!

More pics and video to come soon, from our super awesome new camera. ;-)

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