Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Goodies!

Tax season is wonderful. It's one of my favorite times of the year...after Christmas and birthdays, of course!

Every year in the past, we have treated ourselves to new wardrobes, dinners out, and just fun stuff for us. This year, we made more than we have ever made as a result of having children. We paid of some debts, paid up a bunch of bills, stocked up on diapers and wipes, bought the twins new shoes and clothes, saved a bunch aside for a down payment for a new apartment, and treated ourselves to a few things too.

We've gone out to dinner twice (at restaurants we wouldn't normally be able to afford otherwise!), and bought a few things for ourselves that we have been wanting recently, including a digital camera today! I am so excited about this purchase! Before the digital camera age, we had disposable cameras that took film. Nice, but film was expensive to get developed, and dealing with those cameras was just annoying. Then we got picture phones. I'm over those now though. My phone takes crappy photos, and doesn't even hold that many so I constantly have to delete them to make room for more. No longer will I deal with this! Words can't explain how super excited I am to get our camera! It's nothing super fancy, but it's got some bells and whistles and will be much better than what we got:

And, the best part is, it will be in about 4-5 days, AND...FREE SHIPPING! YAY!

The other thing we bought for us, isn't really for us. It's more for the twins, and all future children we have, but I am way excited for it. We had an Evenflo pack and play with the bassinet insert. We bought it when the twins were a couple of months old when they were outgrowing the regular bassinet we had, yet we didn't want to put them in a crib yet. We got it on a whim because we really needed it, and it was cheap. Recently, our cats had an accident in it, and while we can clean it up, it still grosses me out to want to continue using it for the twins or any future babies. So, with the extra money in our tax refund, we invested in a new pack and play! We decided to go with one with lots of bells and whistles this time, since it was in our budget this time around. We got one with the bassinet insert, the changing table attachment, the newborn napper, and even comes with the music and vibration settings too. Now, while the twins are too big to use the features and will just use the pack and play itself, since we are planning on more children, (and SOON!), we decided this one was worth the investment since a new baby can make use of the changing table and newborn napper, etc. We went with a neutral pattern so that it won't matter if we have a boy or a girl next. I love the pattern and love all of the features, and absolutely cannot wait for it to arrive! Here's a picture of it:

AND...this was free shipping too! Even more exciting! :-)


Jacky said...

I have that same camera, Blake, and love it. I would like to upgrade at some point, but for now this one does what I need it to! BTW: LOVE the pack-and-play. Hopefully there will be a baby to fit in the bassinet & seat within the next year! :)

Blake said...

Thanks Jacky! I am so glad to hear you love the camera! It will be way better than my crappy cell phone! LOL

And yes, if all goes well, a little teeny tiny baby will be in that pack and play in 10 months! **hehe**

Lindsey said...


Blake said...

Thanks! I can't wait for it to get here!! :-)