Friday, March 19, 2010

Outside FUN!

We took advantage of the 60 degree weather this afternoon and went outside to play for the first time! We went outside a few times last year, but never for Connor and Merasia to roll around and play, and they went outside for a little bit with my friend when I had class the other day, but I took them out tonight for a little bit to tire them out before dinner, baths, and bed!

They had a ton of fun playing in the (not so green...yet!) grass, exploring sticks and branches and pavement, and scaring the crap out of their mama when they kept trying to climb on the cement stairs in front of our apartment building! After a few times of moving them away and they continued to go for the stairs, I decided to bring them back upstairs because it was freaking me out too much! :-) But, I did get some cute photos with our new camera!


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