Friday, March 26, 2010

Pajama Day!

Today was the first day since the twins were newborns that we stayed in our pajamas alllll day long. Well, okay, I had to get dressed to go to an appointment, but I changed back as soon as I got back home!
It was nice to just lounge around all day, play with the babies, and snack, snack, snack all in our pj's. :-)
I am usually very anal about getting the twins dressed every morning. They wake up, play, and then have breakfast. When I am done cleaning up from breakfast, I go and get them dressed for the day, even if they aren't going anywhere. Sometimes they match each other, sometimes they don't. But they always look cute, adorable, clean, and well "put together." It's just how I am. :-)

But today I broke that part of the routine, and relaxed just a little. ;-)

Here are some photos from today:

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