Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Visit from an Old Friend...

An old friend popped in for a visit today. I haven't seen her in...well...just about 2 years. Not that long, right? I gone without seeing other friends for 2 years. But this friend, oh this friend is very dear to my heart. (At times.) She has her moments, but having her visit has paid off once, in a big way.

You see, this isn't just any ol' friend. We first met when I was about 11 or 12-years-old. I wasn't sure how to react when we first met, as she kind of scared me at first. But, we got acquainted pretty quickly, and we hung out for a week or so every month. There were times being around her made me sick, for whatever reasons, but there were times where it wasn't that bad. And then, without warning, she just disappeared. I didn't hear from her for a year+! I wasn't too disappointed though.

And then, out of nowhere one day in 2008, she came back around! I was so happy to finally see her again, and didn't bother to question where she had gone or why she had disappeared, or why she was even coming back around at that time in my life. But, it was a blessing to have her back.

It was a blessing to have her back because, with a little help from another friend, we conceived our beautiful twins.

Yep, that's right my friends. I am talking about good ol' Aunt Flo!

Aunt Flo has returned, and I have never been happier to see this old friend of mine as I am right now!

As previously mentioned Here, my doctor put me on Provera a couple of weeks ago, to jump start Aunt Flo, and I stopped those meds about 4 or so days ago. And today, she is HERE! This means that in 5 days, I can start the Clomid, and then, hopefully, we will be expecting baby number 3...or babies number 3 and 4! ;-)

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E*Brake said...

not gonna lie...this kinda made me chuckle..heh