Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Festivities!

We had a wonderful, fun filled Easter! Last year, the twins were only 4 months old, so they couldn't really enjoy much. This year however, was a ton of fun with them!
The "festivities" started the night before when I made angel food cake, let it cool, and then used cookie cutters to cut it into various Easter/spring shapes like bunnies, eggs, etc. I then decorated them with cool whip, icing, and sprinkles.

Okay, so I'm not Betty Crocker, but don't I get points for creativity, last minute ideas, and the fact that the babies loved them? ;-)
After that, I got the twins' baskets put together with all of their goodies:

The last thing I did on the night before Easter was to make a few prints of bunny feet, color them, and take them to the floor leading from their bedroom to their baskets and goodies.

So I'm no artist but again...last minute creativity!
The twins were up early Easter morning and were very curious at the bunny feet, but lit up when they saw their baskets and sat down to dig in!

They each had one treat for breakfast, and liked the cool whip and icing much better than the cake itself. :-) (Like I didn't see that one coming!)

After that, we went to breakfast with my sister in law and her partner, and it was sooo yummy! Here are some pics of Connor and Merasia at breakfast:

After breakfast, we went back home for a couple of hours and while the twins napped, I got things ready for us to leave again. Hubs had to work for a few hours that night and while he was gone, me and the twins went to my sister's house for dinner and an Easter egg hunt with my family! Connor and Merasia had a great time eating some yummy ham, potatoes, asparagus, rolls, applesauce, and of course cupcakes for dessert. And they had an even better time playing outside in the grass and dirt, finding eggs, and playing with the eggs. :-)

Connor loved throwing the eggs in the air to see them fall back down.

Notice the "hiding" egg in front of her? ;-)

Connor showing aunt Rachel his eggs. :-)

Merasia looking for more eggs with cousin Molly:

Needless to say, we were all exhausted after the business of the holidays, and this mama was fighting the onset of a nasty cold, so we collapsed into our welcoming beds and slept in late the next morning. :-)

All in all, it was a beautiful holiday spent with beautiful friends and family!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter!