Friday, April 16, 2010


I love jewelry. What can I say? I'm a typical girly girl. I don't get to wear much of it, but I love shopping for it,even if I can't have it. I used to wear jewelry and watches allll the time. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings...the list goes on! I even have 9 ear piercings...although, all but my ear lobes are closed now. At some point I guess I grew up and got over that stage. :-)

Hubs gets annoyed with the amount of jewelry I have and never wear anymore. But I can't part with it. Some of it is sentimental, or some is just too pretty to get rid of or throw away. :-) Because of his job as a mechanic and cook, it's hard for him to wear a watch or anything else. He doesn't even wear his wedding band anymore to work. Well, the truth is, he lost his ring and we have yet to get him a new one. It doesn't matter as much to us; we know we are married.

With kids came the realization that jewelry would never be able to be worn again. Maybe in the newborn months when they didn't grab at everything in sight. But 4-5 months old changed that and the jewelry I used to lovingly wear started collecting dust in the jewelry box, with the exception of my engagement ring and wedding band, which I wear regardless. Always.

Maybe as the kids get older, I'll be able to wear jewelry again. For now, I'll just have to admire it from afar. :-)

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