Monday, April 12, 2010

My Future Basketball Player?

Connor LOVES to play ball. For Easter, my sister got them each a ball, and it was perfect timing with the warmer summer months, so we can get outside and use them! Connor LOVES playing ball! He plays with it inside and outside, and LOVES to roll it back and forth with me or daddy, or anyone who will play, really. And he loves to pick the ball up and throw it back and forth with someone or just throw it, crawl after it, and throw it again. He holds it just like a basketball before he throws it, which seems to really impress the hubs, a former high school basketball player himself. ;-)

I can't wait to be the soccer/baseball/softball/basketball/gymnastics/figure skating/dance/ whatever-they-want-to-do mama, toting kids from practice to practice and game to game, recital to recital, and so on! :-)


Jenn said...

Oh how I admire that you can keep up with 2 active toddlers! I have 2 girls, just turned 1 and almost 3. They keep me busy!

Blake said...

Oh, it's exhausting at times, no doubt!! LOL But every day is an adventure, that's for sure! ;-)