Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So Bad!

I am so bad! I have NOT been blogging for quite some time. I used to be so regular with it, and then things got crazy for us all summer and it's been difficult. My "mid year" resolution is to get regular wtih it again, because I miss it!

On the home front, there's not much new to report. The twins are doing fabulous, surprising me and making me laugh out loud everyday with their 19 month old antics. Baby #3 is doing well also, my belly is getting very big and I am only 12 weeks...4 months next week, it flies by! We are settling into the new apartment after dealing with a flea issue from the previous tenant. Yuck! I am still occasionally working from home, writing articles for, and have recently started up something new, becoming a travel broker for! More details to come with that one though...however, if you want details NOW, leave me your email and I can get you some better details than I could ever explain. ;-)

I still have many reviews and giveaways to get posted and get running, I just need to sit down and get them done! I plan to do that within the coming days... :-)

So, thanks for hanging in there with me...I know I've been a terrible mom blogger and all that jazz lately...but I will get better and back to normal, I PROMISE. ♥

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