Saturday, September 11, 2010

Baby Appointment!

We had another baby appointment yesterday! It went well, of course. I had a few questions for my midwife, just basic things. Turns out, I have been having contractions...but NOT ones to make me dilate or any progress like that, so don't worry! :-) They are just happening to allow my uterus to grow again, and it's very common in second (or third, and so on) pregnancies, and common from the meds I was on to concieve. :-) So, no worries!

We FINALLY heard little one's heart beat! She tried at our last appointment, but I was about 10.5 weeks then, so we figured it would be a little too early. But we heard it loud and clear this time...such a beautiful sound! It was about 145-155. (NO GENDER GUESSES BASED ON THAT!) I cannot STAND when people try to guess what you are having based on heart rate, or if you're carrying low or high, or what kind of foods you crave, or if you were sick, and blah, blah, blah. SO ANNOYING. And it's not like it's not documented EVERYWHERE by professionals that there is NO truth to ANY of those old wives' tales! Yet people STILL believe them! My gram even told me I was having a girl from our first ultrasound because the baby was so big. But, I have friends who have delivered 10 pound baby GIRLS! With the twins, Connor was the tiny one and Merasia was the piggy! So, I tend to grow little boys and big girls! It could go either way, really, with that one.

Okay. End rant. :-)

My midwife asked me what I thought it was and I said girl, but not based on heart rate or anything, just my own gut feeling. She said, "I'll go with you on that one, and I NEVER tell patients what my gender guesses are, but I am getting a really strong girl vibe from you!" Right now, we have about 10 votes girl and 3 or 4 for boy. We'll see!

We scheduled our big ultrasound, it's on October 15th! I wanted it done as soon as possible, no waiting until 20 or 22 weeks like I had to before! :-) So, only about 4 weeks away! Hubs doesn't want to find out, but I am going to find out and not tell him...unless he changes his mind at the appointment, or changes his mind weeks down the road...then I can let the cat out of the bag! It should be interested trying to tell friends and family the news but keeping them quiet from Frank, and buying stuff in pink or blue, and having to hide it so he doesn't figure it out. I'm not so sure we'll make it all the way without him finding out SOMEHOW...but it'll be fun to try and see! :-)

We have another appointment in about 4 weeks, around the same time as our ultrasound. I can't wait to see how things continue to progress in the coming weeks and months! :-)

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