Monday, November 15, 2010

Some Updates

WOW, it's been a while! I know I keep saying it, but I promise to get better at keeping this dang thing updated! I used to be so good with it! That is one of the goals at the tippy top of my list right now! :-)

So to get are some random updates on us from the past no specific order of significance. :-)

Connor and Merasia are growing like weeds and as always, are complete joys! They seem to really be coming into their own personalities, but...more on that in a later post. ;-)

Halloween was wonderful and oh so fun! Connor was Peter Pan and Merasia was, of course, his buddy Tinker Bell. They were too cute for words! We went to a local mall for the afternoon for a special indoor Halloween event with candy, a costume contest, and other activities, and then met up with some friends later on for big time trick or treating! It was FREEZING this year, but the kids were troopers and toughed it out to the very end, especially poor Merasia who was shivering the whole time in daddy's arms, despte the clothes under her costume, her sweatshirt and hoodie and mittens. They got tons of candy, some of which daddy and I confiscated for ourselves. Only the stuff they can't have...stuff with peanuts or that's too sour or too gummy for their little teeth to chew through. They throughly enjoyed a couple of chocolate bars for the first time on the car ride home though. :-)

Connor and Merasia experienced their first time carving a pumpkin! They got into it and kept trying to pick the pumpkinds up...but they were a little too big and heavy for their tiny arms! Connor kept calling them "ba-balls!" (balls) LOL

Baby number 3 is doing and growing well, and has a name! Mason George Ryan...and he's a little mover and a shaker!

We got some unexpected and sad news a couple of weeks ago. Frank's father passed away earlier this month...but his sister and himself only found out a couple weeks ago. Nobody bothered to get in touch with them and didn't even mention them in his obituary. That's a post for another time though...with the details on all of that. But what it really drove home for me was to hold those closest to you so very tight, and don't live with any regrets or hold any grudges simply just never know.

Mason's middle name is after Frank's dad's middle name, and my great grandfather, who passed away a few years ago. ♥

Mama is feeling good at 25 weeks pregnant...but it feels like it's dragging this time around! I just want it to get here and meet Mason and start life as a family of five! :-)

Okay...I think I semi covered everything. :-)

I am off to post some photos, and seperate posts...including a review and giveaway that is LONG overdue!

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