Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Tree!

We finally got our Christmas tree last week! We were planning on getting a real one, but my sister in law went Christmas shopping for the kiddos, and ended up buying us a fake one. She didn't know we wanted a real one, but we didn't care much either way. We were just excited to finally get one at all!

So we set about the next day setting the tree up and decorating it. Didn't go so well.

The kids LOVE the tree. They love it so much, they wouldn't leave anything alone on it. It came pre lit, and I put garland on it, but only on the top...and I put the glass and other special or breakable ornaments on the top as well, and silly little plastic ornaments on the bottom, ones that I didn't care as much for. That lasted all of 10 minutes. As it stands now, our tree looks pretty pitiful. There is still garland on the top along with the topper and glass ornaments...but NOTHING on the bottom. The kids took the plastic ornaments all off...some are in the heater vent, some were thrown downstairs in the basement...and the rest are MIA. At first I followed behind them constantly, putting ornaments back on as they took them off. But after the 104,857,467,294 billionth time they took them off after I had put them back on, I gave up.

I'm holding out more hope for next year though, as they will be better able to understand "no" and "don't touch."

They do like the tree when it's lit up though. Merasia points and says "Petttty" (pretty), and they both point to each little light bulb and say "hot! ouch!" LOL Such little flippin' cuties!!!

Here are some photos to share of the kids helping me decorate the tree...

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