Monday, July 18, 2011

The Big Move!

We have finally moved! We have been looking for a new apartment for quite a while now. We needed a bigger place with more room for the kids to run and play, something fairly newer and therefore, in better shape and more taken care of, and of course, something with a good yard for the kids to play in that wasn't right by the road. Another important aspect of a new apartment was location. We wanted and needed something that was closer to work for my husband. He works at the mountain in Stowe, Vermont, as a cook, and where we lived before, it was an hour commute to work and from work for him. Round trip, it was 60+ miles.

My (adopted) father owns a few properties, and one in Stowe. I asked him about the building he owns there, and one apartment happened to be empty, and had been for a few months. He agreed to rent it to us to help us out, and it could not have come at a better time! It's just perfect for us. It's a large 2 bedroom, which is all we need right now since Mason sleeps in our room and will be for a while still anyway. It has great carpet (where we lived before was all hard wood, old, gross floors), the living areas and bedrooms are larger than our last place, and it even has a bathtub...a luxury our last apartment did not have. It also has a wonderful yard that is next to the main road, but back far enough so I can relax when I am outside with the kids and not have to worry about them being in danger. It's a 10 or 15 minute commute to and from work for Frank, which is soooo wonderful. It's just perfect for us! We moved in July 3, and are LOVING it!! Here's some pictures of Mason hanging out in his stroller during the big move...

The kids were great during the move, and we were all done within a couple of days. Connor and Merasia were actually pretty helpful, carrying in bags and light boxes and their toys and things. The day we moved and got their beds in their room, Connor set out unpacking clothes and putting them away on their small book shelf:

The kids absolutely love the new place. They love having so much more room to run and play and just LIVE. The first night in the new place, they HAD to have a bath, of course!

They LOVE being able to take baths now instead of showers, and I love it too, since I have my showers all to myself again, instead of sharing with one or both of them. ;-)

They seem to sleep much better in the new place too, which I am LOVING. It's much more quiet and just feels more like home than the other place ever did.

It was time for a change, and we made a good one. ♥ ♥


E*Brake said...

how long is he gonna let you stay there?

Blake said...

As long as we want. :-)