Sunday, July 24, 2011


I believe I mentioned in a previous post about Mason, that he cut his first two teeth a few weeks ago, shortly after turning 4 months old. Yesterday, while at a friend's house, I took a look at his bottom gums, and saw a white, bulging bump. I knew he had yet another tooth very close to popping through. Sure enough, last night was a rough one. He was up all night, irritable and cranky, crying and fussing. I felt those bottom gums this morning, and there was that tooth! Sharp as can be! :-) So, at 4 months and 2 weeks, he has THREE teeth! That's just crazy to me! I know it happens, but it's different when it's YOUR child.

Mason deals with teething pretty well. With Connor, the only sign we had of him teething was a small red rash on the side of his face (from the drool, I suspect) and the occasional diarrhea. Other than that, we never knew he was cutting teeth until the teeth had broke skin and we caught a glimpse or a feel for them! Merasia was a little more noticeable. She'd get diarrhea almost every time, and was just irritable. She still slept fine at night, but was cranky and irritated all day. Mason gets some looser poops, but not exactly diarrhea. But they make him have a yucky diaper rash that bleeds. :-( The biggest tell tale sign he's cutting teeth is he is literally up allllllllll night. He doesn't sleep through the night any other time, but he sleeps longer stretches than when he is cutting teeth. He is up every hour or so when teeth are coming in. But then after that, he's fine and happy as can be!

I'm sure a 4th tooth won't be too far behind....we'll see in the upcoming weeks! :-)

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