Friday, September 2, 2011

Paci Plushies Review

I first heard about Paci Plushies through some other online mama friends of mine. From their website:

"Light weight plush characters attach to infant pacifiers, making the pacifier easy to find and easy for baby to place in it's mouth. Paci-Plushies™ are the first and ONLY plush pacifier holder of it's kind to attach to Name Brand pacifiers! Button and Ring Handled pacifiers attach to a super soft and light-weight plush toy making the pacifier easy for young infants to hold and easy for Mom to find around the house!.......Nookums, a New York based company, offers innovative and trendy products to the children’s market, including functional plush items, gift sets, and unique infant and toddler tidbits. Our collection of plush features the patent pending Paci-Plushies, a fun gift collection of infant pacifier holders that simplify Mom’s life by eliminating the problem of lost pacifiers. Nookums strives to create a culture where thinking outside of the box leads to fresh ideas that evolve into new and extraordinary products."

It seems like we are always misplacing Mason's pacis, and the same was true when the twins were babies. I have a paci holder that clips onto Mason's car seat straps so we don't lose it when we go places, but we always love them around the house. I thought these Paci Plushies were absolutely adorable, and a great solution to lost pacis. The "Paci Plushies Crew" consists of Baby the Bear, Milo the Monkey, Cuddles the Car, P-Nut the Puppy, Lovey the Lamb, Paisley the Panda, Bentley the Bear, and Pixie the Puppy.

I chose Milo the Monkey to receive for review. We have a monkey theme going on for Mason since he was a newborn, so it was just fitting. It came with a paci, but I chose to use the ones we already had for Mason. Here he is on a long car ride. He had the paci in his mouth, but it fell out when he started getting drowsy. :-)

 He even likes to play with his monkey paci plushie and gum it to help him when he's teething, or just cuddle it.

I think these are a great invention, and they work well too. The pacis fit so snugly that they do not fall out, and if Mason loses his paci in the middle of the night, it's easier to locate it when we are using the Paci Plushie than if the paci were by itself and getting lost in his crib or falling through the crib rails to the floor.

I've already recommended Paci Plushies to other mama friends of mine, and will use them with future babies as well. :-)

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