Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wholesale Costume Club Review

It's hard to believe it's that time of year again...HALLOWEEN! Halloween was one of my favorite holidays as a child, and now, it's one of my favorites, since I have kiddos to dress up and take trick or treating and make new traditions and memories with.

It's always a challenge picking out costumes every year. It's sometimes difficult to find a good place to buy costumes that have a good assortment of toddler halloween costumes. Wholesale Costume Club has an array of costumes, so many that it makes it difficult to choose what you want! But I LOVE having a variety to choose from, rather than having to look at several different websites to finally find the costume I am looking for. At Wholesale Costume Club, they are your one stop shop for Halloween costumes and accessories, which takes the stress out of the shopping part of this holiday. And what mama doesn't like a little less stress in her day? ;-)

This year for our costumes, we have a whole theme with all 3 kids. Connor is the scarecrow, Merasia is Dorothy, and Mason is the lion from the Wizard of Oz! I found a cotume for Connor, used, but at a super low price so I couldn't pass it up. Mason has Connor's lion costume from his first Halloween, but I couldn't find a Dorothy costume anywhere! Or, at least not one I actually wanted or that I thought was cute enough. For my review, I chose to review the Dorothy Toddler Costume. It only took a few days to get here, which is excellent service! I hate waiting around when I order stuff online, so to have it within a few days after I request it or purchase it, makes for one happy and satisfied customer!

I ripped the package open the second I got it!

I used this time as the perfect opportunity to not only try this costume on Merasia, but to get the boys in their costumes as well.....

SO. STINKIN'. CUTE!! I absolutely ADORE Merasia's costume. It fits her perfectly, and a pair of white tights or leggings and her sparkly ruby red shoes will complete the outfit! Of course I love the boys in their costumes too. :-) I can't sing the praises of Wholesale Costume Club enough! I will definitely be going to them for all my future Halloween costumes and necessities!

CHECK THEM OUT: Check out Wholesale Costume Club for yourself and find some great deals and great finds! While you're checking their website, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter! :-)

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