Sunday, November 6, 2011


I just realized, from seeing my fellow mama blogger's Halloween posts, that I forgot to share about our Halloween! How could I forget that??

We had lots of fun Halloween activities this year. Mommy and daddy even got a little bit of a night out at a club that was having a Halloween party. It was our first night out in a veeeerrry long time, and it was great while it lasted...unfortunately, Mason was having a rough night and we had to leave early and go pick the kids up and go home. It was fine, though, we didn't mind! :-)

A mall not too far from where we live has an event every year on the day before Halloween, called Malloween. It's for the kids, and they all dress up and trick or treat in all of the stores in the mall, and there's a costume parade, balloons, a bounce house, and a costume contest. And it's all inside, which is great because in Vermont this time of year, the weather can be pretty wacky! (It has snowed on or near Halloween the past 2 years!)

We did a Wizard of Oz theme for costumes this year. I LOVE dressing the twins in some sort of matching costumes. It's just adorable and I figure I might as well do it while they are little and will let me! Their first year, they didn't match because we got costumes at the last minute (lion and a spider). Last year, they were Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. It was sooo cute! This year, Connor was the scarecrow, Merasia made a perfect Dorothy, and with Mason here this year, it made perfect sense for him to wear Connor's old costume and be the lion! It was SUCH a cute theme for all 3 of them, and we got sooooo many compliments at Malloween and when we were trick or treating on Halloween.

The twins had so much fun this year, and said trick or treat at each house, and even said thank you every single time after they got their candy. They were running and jumping and just being kids, and it was so fun to watch them enjoy this holiday this year. They got a good amount of candy (not too much but enough for them to enjoy here and there), and I know they enjoyed themselves greatly. Here are some pics from our Halloween festivities!

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