Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mason's Recent Accomplishment....

Mason has started pulling himself up to stand!!

I am shocked! It happened so unexpectedly today! We went to our normal play group that we go to every month, and the twins were off playing and I was sitting on the floor. Mason was across the room a little ways away from me, and I put my arms out to see if he would creep to me. He did, and then he grabbed my hands when he got to me. He then pulled himself up to his knees while holding on to my hands, and then proceeded to pull himself up to standing, with no help from me!! I was soo surprised!! He has been doing it all day since we got home and all night until he went to bed. I can't believe how big he is getting!

He has also started eating a lot more of the same foods we eat. He wasn't interested in any "real" food a month or so ago. In fact, he preferred the jarred baby food over any "real" food up until recently. He wouldn't even eat cheerios! that has all changed completely within the last couple of weeks! The new foods he has tried include:

*Gerber puffs
*Yogurt melts
*Pasta noodles (cut up small of course)
*Ritz crackers
*Diced, soft apple pieces
*Baked potato with no skin
*Pot roast

There may be more that I'm missing, but that's most of it. He LOVES every single one of these new foods too. I love watching him eat. He gets so excited when I set him in his high chair, I'm sure it's because he knows what's coming and loves it. I was just telling Frank the other day that it looks like he has gotten a little chubbier since he started eating so much more food. Of course he misses his mouth once in a while and it gets messy, but for the most part, the food gets in his mouth and he enjoys what he does get down. ;-) I am soooo looking forward to seeing him pig out at Thanksgiving this year. I remember the twins first Thanksgiving, and it was so much fun watching them experience so much "real" food for the first time.....

Here are some pictures from Connor and Merasia's first Thanksgiving:

Merasia fell into a turkey coma before she could even finish her dinner:

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