Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crazy Dog Tee and Nacho Mama Tees Review

I love new clothes, and I especially love cute or funny designs or phrases on my clothes. Hubs is the same way. 

I worked with Crazy Dog t-shirts/Nacho Mama t-shirts a while ago on a blog review, and had the pleasure of working with them again. My first experience was great, so I expected nothing but the best a second time around.

Crazy Dog t-shirts has a variety of shirts, for men, women, and children. They pride themselves on having "something for everyone" and that is definitely the true case. They have a large variety of funny t-shirts, as well as t shirts coinciding with current holidays, such as the selection of Christmas t shirts they recently offered, and the selection of Saint Patrick's Day themed t shirts. I especially love the t shirts centered around the movie "The Hangover." LOVE that movie and I LOVE that Crazy Dog and Nacho Mama t shirts has t shirts geared toward it. 

From Crazy Dog's website:

"Crazy Dog's rapidly expanding base includes our funny t shirts, custom apparel, costumes and crazy gadgets. From our imagination and customer submissions we've invented unique funny tees for anyone who needs a good laugh. We've got hundreds of styles and print our garments on super soft cotton tshirts that have a feel and fit that'll have you coming back for more. Our apparel is silk screened on location in our warehouse in upstate New York. We are a company built on our customers. They have helped us grow into what we are today from supplying us with funny quotes on facebook or sending us cool designs. They are the heart of the site and we will always be dedicated to supplying new and creative works to keep our audience entertained."

From Nacho Mama's website:

"At Nacho Mama Tees our crazy developers have come up with the best mens apparel online! See what you are missing and catch all the novelty designs and the one stop funny t shirt shop! Original and funny t shirts that turn heads! Check out the discounted hilarious and offensive stuff. From cool t shirts Nacho Mama Tees is your premier online outlet for your viewing pleasure. Coming for our 80s tees and great graphic designs. The life blood of our site is the customer and anyone comments good or bad we take to heart. We go through classic 80's movies turn them into vintage apparel that will instantly become your favorite tee!"

For my review, I received the squirrel ADD t shirt which can be found in the funny t shirt section of Crazy Dog's website. I also received the "the man, the legend" t-shirt which can also be found in the funny t shirt section of Nacho Mama's website.

I thought the squirrel shirt was funny, and my friends and even Frank have picked on me numerous time and jokingly said I have ADD, simply because I like to talk, and change subjects frequently during one single conversation...LOL But I think that's just a girl thing! Unfortunately, the size I got is a little small, so it's definitely a shirt for bedtime or lounging around the house. 

I decided to wait to give Frank his shirt until Christmas. I thought if fit him well, with his sense of humor. He's definitely got the typical sometimes perverted sense of humor that I believe all men I knew he'd get a big laugh out of this shirt. And I was right! He loved it though and wore it that same day. 

Both shirts are of great quality, and very soft and not scratchy like some t shirt's can be. 

Though I hit a few customer service snags in the process of getting the t shirts for the review, all issues were resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner, so I walked away happy from the experience a second time around. 

If you're looking for that perfect birthday gift for someone in your life, or just need a chuckle, Crazy Dog and Nacho Mama t shirts are definitely the place to turn. And the prices are all very reasonable too.

**DISCLAIMER** I received the above product(s) from Crazy Dog t shirts and Nacho Mama t shirts free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. However, all opinions are strictly my own.

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