Tuesday, June 19, 2012

KD Novelties Personalized Children's Book Review

We read to our children every night before bed, and sometimes multiple times throughout the day. We love reading to them and helping them learn and further their intelligence and just learn more about their surroundings in general and the world we live in. They absolutely LOVE reading too, and every time we read them a book, they try to read it back to us afterwards or make up their own story while turning each page of the book we just read and pointing to different things on the pages. It's so cute!

I was so excited when I was asked to review some personalized children's books by KD Novelties!

I received a book for Connor and a book for Merasia for my review. For Connor's book, I chose Mother Goose. I thought the kids would love the nursery rhymes and it makes for quick but fun reading.

I even got to write a short dedication for each book, which make them even more special. We decided on the same dedication for each, just to keep it fair. (I apologize ahead of time on the quality of the following photos. The pages inside the book wouldn't show up well with my flash on, so I had to turn the flash off and they look blurry without it. Sorry!)

This book is so much fun! It follows Connor as he helps Mother Goose find her way home. Along the way they met the lady that lives in a show and all of her children, Humpy Dumpty, Miss Muffet, Mary Mary (Quite Contrary), a cow jumping over a moon, the fork and the spoon, a cat with a fiddle, and Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. The book is also personalized with Connor's age, town, and state, and two of his friend's names. We chose Cloey and Violet, since those are the friends he spends most of his time with outside of daycare or family members.

For Merasia's book, I decided to go with the Three Little Pigs. She is really into animals lately and learning the different types and animal sounds and things, so I thought it would be cute for her. This book followed Merasia as she helped each pig build their house and escape the big bad wolf! 

As I mentioned earlier, we had the same dedication for each:

I chose to include Cloey and Violet in Merasia's book too, just to keep it easy and the same as Connor's.

As soon as we received these books, I read them to the kids, and they got such a kick out of hearing their names and their friend's names in a real book with the other characters, and they loved hearing the adventures they each went on in their individual books. The illustrations in these books are so great too! Very colorful, vibrant, and well done! They really help bring the story out and make it "pop!"

All in all, I was very happy with these books, and just love having personalized items for my children. These books are such a special keepsake for them that they can have for the rest of their lives, and cherish forever.

You can purchase these and other books at KD Novelties website. 

Head on over to KD Novelties Facebook page and "Like" them today! While you are there, post on their wall and let them know you were referred to them from this blog, and you will receive a discount on your order!

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