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Potty Tots Review & Giveaway!

One of the greatest struggles of parenting is potty training. We have been on an endless potty training roller coaster  since the twins were about 15-16 months old. At that time, we started introducing the potty to them. We knew it would be quite a while before they actually "got it", but we figured we could at least get them used to the idea of going potty and knowing what the potty was, so we would sit them on it once a day, right before bath time. The first night, they both peed on it. The second night, Merasia actually POOPED on the potty! We had high hopes that this meant easy potty training down the road.....we were wrong.

Though it wasn't terribly awful, it was hard. Pottying was off and on after that time, but I really started wanting to get on the ball with it more when the twins turned 3 this year. We started putting the twins in undies while we were at home, and just a t shirt, so it was easy for them to get on the potty quickly when they needed to go. We did happy dances and an m&m reward system (1 for pee, 2 for poop) when they were successful at going potty, and praised them as much as possible, but it was still rough and full of a lot of frustration.

So, when I was approached about doing a review for Potty Tots, I was so excited! 

From their website:

"The mission of Potty Tots is to provide creative, fun and safe products and programs that are child centered and designed to build self-esteem, confidence and independence. The Potty Tots goal is to provide our customers, suppliers and employees an experience and environment that is always focused on what is best for children through our products and our actions in our business and in the world community."

I received two kits for my review, one for Connor and one for Merasia. Contained in each kit are: 

A story/guide book
Animated DVD with 3 original Potty Tots songs and music videos
One illustrated potty chart
One "Toilet Bowl? Progress/Reward Game with Sticker Clings

Connor and Merasia were SO excited to get their potty tots kits!

The first thing we did was read the book together. I love that there are boy and girl kits, it just makes it easier to be tailored to each gender, and the kids enjoyed it more.

The description of each book, from the Potty Tots website:

The Potty Tots: A potty training guide for boys
Enrique's little brother Joey doesn't know how to go potty. When Joey heads off to his first day of preschool, Enrique comforts him by sharing a story of his experience in Miss Maggie's preschool class.

With the help of the illustrated potty chart and his friends, the Potty Tots, Enrique learns the six steps to using the potty. Along the way, he makes new friends, learns the Potty Song and discovers that learning something new can be fun.

The Potty Tots:A potty training guide for girls
Emily's little sister Lilly doesn't know how to go potty. When Lilly heads off to her first day of preschool, Emily comforts her by sharing a story of her experience in Miss Maggie's preschool class.

With the help of the illustrated potty chart and her friends, the Potty Tots, Emily learns the six steps to using the potty. Along the way, she makes new friends, learns the Potty Song and discovers that learning something new can be fun.

Next, we checked out the DVD. Connor and Merasia LOVE to dance and sing, and what better thing to dance and sing about then going potty?!

We wanted to make use of the Potty Charts right away, so we made sure to hang them up as soon as we got them. We don't have much wall space in our bathroom, we so hung them up on the bathroom door and the wall next to the bathroom door, so they were still in the general area of the potty.

They loved pointing to their Potty Tots friends and telling us what they were doing on the chart. After we hung those charts, we decorated the bathroom walls with the Toilet Bowl Reward Game Potty Tots Friends cling ons.

There was so much fun to be had with these potty training kits! I am so honored I was given the chance to review them and try them out with my children. I am a firm believer that reward systems and reward charts work, and that results are seen, and I have always wanted to make use of a potty chart, but never had the time or energy to make one myself. 

The DVD's songs and music videos are very creative, and the kids just LOVE them! They would sing the potty song all the time when we first got the kits and first watched the DVD's. It's very catchy, I even got it stuck in my head over and over again! ;-)

These are all great tools to help little ones learn how to use the potty. And, much to our happy surprise, it was right after we received the Potty Tots training kits and started using them, that Merasia started peeing AND pooping on the potty every single time, and stopped having accidents! It was soon after that she was fully day potty trained!! I do believe that the Potty Tots kit helped Merasia in her potty training. We are still working on night time, but that will come in due time.

Connor is having a little trouble getting potty trained, but we are still working hard at it, and I have no doubt that he will follow in Merasia's foot steps soon enough!

That just means we will continue getting even more use out of Connor's Potty Tots training kit! ;-)

One of the coolest things about my getting the chance to review these kits, was that Connor and Merasia were featured in a video for Walmart, to help get the Potty Tots Training Kits on Walmart shelves for sale! This part was SO exciting and cool! I was happy to help in promoting the Potty Tots Training Kits, especially if it helped get them on the shelves at a big name chain store like Walmart. I truly believe these kits help kids in their potty training, and every parent should make use of them. Check out Connor and Merasia's photos in the video made for Walmart below!

Purchase It: You can purchase the same Potty Tots Training Kits review here, along with many other products, at the Potty Tots website!

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