Monday, June 25, 2012

Strawberry Cool Whip Graham Cracker Dessert Recipe

My neighbor recently shared an idea she had for a yummy dessert/snack, and I had to try it for myself, and decided to share with all of my lovely readers! :-)

Ingredients you will need:

Graham crackers
Fresh Strawberries
Cool whip

(Yes, it really is as easy as it seems already!)

To begin, cup the leafs off the strawberries and cut the strawberries in half once more afterwards to make them a little smaller. You don't have to do this, but I found it easier to the next step.

After your strawberries are cup up, squish them so they are nearly just juice, with little chunks of strawberry in them. I used a spoon and just pressed down on a couple strawberries at a time to smush them. They should look like this when done:

When the strawberries are ready, pour the cool whip in a large bowl. Again, this isn't a requirement, but it makes the next step much easier.

When the cool whip is in a large bowl, pour the strawberries in with it and mix it all up very well, until the cool whip is a nice pink color.

After the strawberries and cool whip are all done and mixed together, prepare your graham crackers. Simply break them in half as if you were going to make s'mores.

The next step is to spoon some of the cool whip and strawberry mix onto one of the graham cracker pieces. How much you spoon on is up to you. You can do just a little bit, or a lot. I did enough so that it wasn't too much, but it oozed out of the sides a little bit. ;-)

After this step, put the other half of the graham cracker piece on top like a s'more or a sandwich. Repeat this step until you have all the snacks you want, or the graham crackers or mix is all gone.

The final step is to individually wrap each snack in plastic wrap or aluminum foil, OR place a few in freezer bags, OR place them in Tupperware containers, and put them in the freezer to freeze up for several hours.

Here's a shot after the snacks have been frozen:

SO yummy! It tastes like ice cream, only a little better, actually!

This is the perfect summer snack for a hot day. And the best part is they are so very cheap to make, and HEALTHY! It's not that bad for you, which is always a positive!


I just wanted to share this yummy snack with my readers. Enjoy!

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