Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weight Checks and Other Fun

Mason had his 15 month appointment earlier this week. His weight was 23 pounds and height was 31-32 inches long. He's such a tall boy! He also had his 15 month shots which were rather dramatic and traumatizing, but he made it through with Tylenol and lots of mommy snuggles.

Connor and Merasia saw Mason get weighed and they wanted to get weighed too. I was shocked with their results...Connor was 33 pounds and Merasia was.....*drum roll please*....38 POUNDS! This is the MOST they have been apart in weight their entire lives! From the day they were born they have never been more than 2 pounds apart in weight....until now. We are so shocked but you can definitely tell the difference between the two when you pick them up. We have noticed a big difference lately and now we know why! 

Connor and Merasia also started their 3rd of daycare this week. They have been going two days a week, and Mason had a spot for a 3rd day, so Thursdays I had just Connor and Merasia home with me, but their daycare recently had two spots opened for them for their third day, and they started that this week. It's so good for them, they love it there, they love their teachers, their friends, and everything they do at "school" as they call it. It also helps them with their speech (more so Connor than Merasia). 

In the fall, Connor and Merasia will be attending preschool on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8 until 11:30, and then will be at their daycare for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Mason will have some mommy alone time Mondays and Tuesdays, and mommy will get some quiet time and homework time the rest of the week, so that will be so very nice! :-)

Another important event in our life recently is Connor and Merasia will be getting tubes in their ears on July 13th. They have been working with a speech therapist since the beginning of the year, and one of the things they suggested we get done was another hearing screening, just to rule out the ears as being an issue. We had that done a few months ago and it showed that there was some fluid in their ears, so the ear specialist wanted a follow up hearing screening a few weeks later. We went in for that screening, and there was no change. In fact, it was almost worse. When they put the ear buds in Connor's ears to test how well their ear drums were working, Connor's was completely flat lined, and they like to see "mountains." Merasia's weren't flat lined, but they were small mountains. So, the doctor suggested getting tubes put in. I am nervous about them getting put under for the surgery, but I know it will be quick, and it will be well worth it later on. I am excited to see how Connor's speech develops after the tubes are in place though, and how much better he can hear afterwards. I will be updating as the surgery nears and how things seem to be progressing after the tubes are in place. 

So, for now, we are enjoying the sun, summer, and the beach. Life is good this year! 

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