Thursday, July 26, 2012

4th of July...Oops!

While looking through my blog posts today, I realized I never even updated about our 4th of July holiday! I can't believe I missed updating that one! So, here goes!

Hubs had to work that day, which was a slight bummer but I was still excited to take the kids to the parade and spend the day together. We were up and ready in our new 4th of July outfits!

Mason was not up for pics.....

I love Mason's face in this picture:

When we were all dressed and ready to go, we went to get my mom to come watch the parade and things with us. We got to the parade a little early so we could be sure to get good seats. Someone involved with the parade and festivities came by and gave the kids little flags, which they loved!

The kids LOVED the parade! They got a TON of candy and loved marching along as the band went by, dancing to the music, and seeing the fire trucks and animals.

After the parade was done, we had a few errands to run and had to take my mom back home, and then we came home for the kiddo's nap time. Hubs got home around 4 that afternoon, and we packed up again and went up to the local high school where there were festivities and fireworks at dusk. We ordered pizza for dinner, got balloons, had yummy cotton candy, listened to music and danced, and just hung out with friends while waiting for the fire works to begin. It rained around dinner time, so it was up in the air if the fire works were really going to happen, but thankfully the rain subsided for good and all went off without a hitch!

Finally, it was dark and time for the fireworks! The kids had been waiting in anticipation all evening and definitely were not disappointed! And to my surprise, Mason wasn't afraid of the fireworks. He slept through them last year (he was only 4 months old then), but I was afraid that this year, with him being older, he may be afraid of them. I was very glad I was wrong though! 

All in all, it was an amazing and memorable 4th of July! We had a blast, and most of all, the kids had a blast and were more then exhausted that night, which was good for mom and dad. :)

How was your 4th?? Feel free to share in a comment below!

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