Monday, July 2, 2012

Good Buddy Notes/Art By Shelley Review & Giveaway

If you have been an avid follower of my blog and kept updated with my blog posts and such, you know that I love personalized items. It's not hard to find stuff with Connor or Mason's name on it, since they are so common, but of course Merasia's name is nowhere, unless we get something specially made. That's why I was so excited when I came across Shelly's site Good Buddy Notes/Art By Shelley! 

From their website:

"Whimsical pets and children are the hallmarks of artist Shelley Dieterichs' endearing children's illustrations. Shelley has illustrated numerous children's books and educational materials, has won many awards for her work. Shelley is also an experienced graphic artist and she designs and illustrates all of her Good Buddy Notes products. Shelley lives in St. Louis with her husband and cats Fred and Ethel who provide plenty of material for her illustrations."

For my review I chose to receive the Child's Personalized Melamine Plate and Mug set. I received one for Connor and one for Merasia. I was so excited to receive these items, because I knew the kids would LOVE them and be so excited to use them. I was just as excited to see them and put them to use too!

I LOVE the design on these plates and cup! I am a huge fan of polka dots, so of course I love the polka dot design on the borders, and I love how creative the names are on these items. And just as I expected, the kids LOVED their plates and cups! As soon as they saw them they asked to use their "new cups!" Unfortunately, at the time we received these items, our camera was broken so I was not able to get photos of them using the plates and cups, and lately it has been so hot that we have been using a lot of paper plates. But, these plates, and especially the cups, are a big favorite in our home!

Shelly was also nice enough to send along 2 Twin Memory Books! These books are similar to regular baby memory books, but they are designed specifically for twins. When we were pregnant with the twins we got each of them their own baby book, but some of the stuff was tricky to write in since we had two, but these twin memory books are designed just for twins, and I just love them! The illustrations are beautiful and so cute, and I love the way the information is set up to record.

These books begin with a nice dedication page with a spot for the child's name and a photo:

Next, these books begin with a cute story about a man and woman who dreamed of having a baby:

The man and woman are soon greeted by a Stork with a letter from their doctor to come meet with him right away and hear some good news he has to share:

Of course the news is that the couple are expecting twins. :-) The rest of the book is similar to that of regular baby memory books, but with twists here and there. I think there is space for more information on these pages than there is in regular baby books, and the other cool thing is that there is space for the child you are writing to/about, and their twin. 

There are places for plenty of photographs too, such as this spot for an ultrasound photograph:

There is space for milestones and pregnancy memories, and of course spaces for the delivery and birth memories and memories of all of their firsts and other moments.

Another really neat thing about these books is that there are cool facts throughout at the bottom of the pages, like this one:

All in all, I was extremely happy with the products I received from Shelley, and with the quality of the products. They have definitely seen a lot of great use already, and will continue to do so!

Purchase It: You can purchase the products seen here and many others at Shelley's website.

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