Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Royal Tea Party 2012

We had such a fun filled weekend this past week! On Saturday we went to a Royal Tea Party at our local family center. It's an even they have every year around this time, and it's just a fun event for kids to dress up as prince's and princesses  and meet Cinderella and Prince Charming, and do little arts and crafts and play with other children. They can make princess hats and wands, drink tea and eat sandwiches and cookies, and run and play.

I got Merasia the cutest Snow White dress up dress for the tea party. I figured with her dark hair, it would be the best choice. :-)

I searched everywhere for a prince costume for Connor and Mason. I finally found a royal prince cape and crown for Connor at a local party store.

I was going to get a prince costume for Mason or make one, but then realized I had a Snow White theme going on and the perfect option for Mason would be for him to be one of the seven dwarfs and keep up with the Snow White theme for all 3 kids. It seemed perfect since Mason is so short (like a dwarf). I set out looking up how to make a dwarf costume. I knew he wouldn't keep a dwarf hat on, or a dwarf beard. So the only dwarf without a beard is Dopey. And, since Mason is pretty clumsy and runs into things often in his day to day life, it was a perfect match! ;-) I found easy ideas online for making a Dopey costume. I got some blue pants in a size 3 at a local used clothing store. I got them bigger so they would be baggy like Dopey's pants are. I also got the shirt in a size 3 to be a little bigger too on purpose. It was just a solid green long sleeve shirt. On the top corner of it I wrote "Dopey" with a sharpie marker so everyone would know. Then I got him a belt at the same used place, and he has a pair of brown cowboy boots, so we were all set. I was even more excited when I got him dressed up and saw how much he really looked like Dopey!

The first thing we did at the tea party was wait for our turn to get out photo taken with Cinderella and Prince Charming. It was sooo cute! Merasia was a little scared at first but she was fine when Connor sat next to her and "Cinderella" held Mason next to her.

When the pictures were done and printed, they were put in cute little frames.

Connor even got a photo of just him and his fellow Prince Charming. ;-)

For the rest of the time we were there the kids pretty much just played on the swing set and ran around. It was good for them to do that and a good time for us adults to relax, sit back, and mingle a little bit while they burned off energy. Our good friends Jenn and Terry went with us with their kids Cloey and Carter. Cloey was Tiara and Carter was the frog prince. It was adorable!

Overall, it was a great day and the kids enjoyed themselves a ton. They were exhausted that night though and Sunday was spent lounging around, cleaning, and then hanging at the beach in the afternoon.

Amazing weekend making amazing memories. :-)

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Mary said...

That looks like so much fun!! What cute costumes!