Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Show No Beach/Bath Towel Review & Coupon Code!

A couple of years ago, Connor and Merasia received these cool new bath towels for Christmas. One was a shark design and the other was a princess design, and they simply slipped over the children's head and had a little hood on them. They were SO cute!

I stumbled upon Show No beach/bath towels a few weeks ago, and loved them! From their website:

"A ShowNo is a bath towel and beach towel that kids can use to dry off on their own. It's the perfect coverup that can be worn like a poncho to keep children warm and protected from the sun. It can also be used as a changing towel so that kids can change their clothes underneath in privacy."

For my review, I received the green camo towel for Connor and the yellow polka dot towel for Merasia.

The first thing I noticed about these towels when I first received them was how big and soft they were. Softness is key, for sure. I know I am not a fan of a scratchy or thin and cheap towel, and my kids aren't any different. I also hate towels that are too small, and I knew just from looking at these that that would not be a problem for Connor and Merasia with these towels from Show No.

I love the design on them too. So super cute!

I do wish there was a flap to go over their heads, though, just to help dry their hair, especially for Merasia since hers is longer and drip water all over while the rest of her body gets dried off. But that is just a small change and I am still very happy with these towels!

They are excellent for the bath or the beach! They help keep the kids warm after their bath since they cover their whole body and are soft and warm. While at the beach, the kids can even change their clothes underneath the towel without anybody even seeing! 

For moms looking to make a few extra bucks this summer, Shelly, the owner and creator of Show No towels, is looking for other moms who are interested in reselling her products. For more information, check out the Show No towel website!

The towels are an excellent idea, and I am so glad I got the chance to review them and try them out! Connor and Merasia absolutely LOVE them as well, they are their favorite towels to use now!

Purchase it: You can purchase Show No towels at their website!

And just for my lucky readers, Shelly from Show No towels has agreed to offer up a 15% coupon code to all of you, to use on some Show No towels of your own from their website! Simply enter the code SHOWNOFUN at checkout to receive your discount!

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