Friday, July 13, 2012

Swaddle Designs Review & Giveaway

Every child has that special toy or blankie that they take with them everywhere, sleep with, and so on. Connor and Merasia have their favorite blankies that they have had since they were newborns. Mason just recently chose his favorite blankie, but he is still in the process of choosing which is his total favorite. ;-)

Swaddle Designs is best known for their ultimate receiving blanket and the Marquisette swaddling blanket. These blankets help take the guess work out of swaddling your new little bundle of joy, as they are square in shape (perfect for swaddling) and have swaddling directions sewn into the side of the blanket so they are easily visible and handy. I wish I had a swaddle blanket like that when our twins were born!

They have much more then just swaddling blankets though. They also have sleep sacks, baby lovies, burpies and bibs, apparel, hooded towels and wash cloths, cozy regular blankets, stroller blankets, fitted crib sheets, and even an all organic collection.

From their website:

"At SwaddleDesigns, we are focused on innovative, stylish, and quality baby products that help parents comfort and care for their baby. Each component is carefully chosen with passion and care for its color, texture, durability and visual appeal.
Designed with baby's best interest in mind and your style at heart™. We hope you will join the hundreds of thousands of new parent's who have discovered and delight in using SwaddleDesigns products.
Have fun mix and matching! Our products are offered in a multitude of patterns and colors to coordinate with any nursery or parent's personal style."

I am a huge polka dot fan, so of course that went into my decision to choose this particular blanket. I love the silky border, and Mason does too. :-)

The rest of the blanket is soooooo soft and cozy. It's also big enough to cover all of Mason and keep him nice and snug and warm, but not too warm on those hot summer nights we do get here in Vermont.

As for Mason's favorite blankie, it's definitely a toss up between this blanket and another one he has, but I am happy this one is in the running. ;-)

I was also very happy with the customer service I received while working with Amber from Swaddle Designs. She had originally offered me some products for review, but I was honest that I wouldn't have much need for the items she suggested and Mason was too big for swaddling (he never liked it anyway....) so a swaddling blanket was out of the question. Amber was happy to oblige and work with me on what I could use for a review, and as a result, I was very happy with her customer service to go above and beyond, and very, very happy with the product I did receive.

I highly recommend Swaddle Designs for all your blanketing needs, especially those amazing swaddle blankets to help exhausted mommy and daddy get the job done much easier and quicker. ;-)

Purchase it: You can purchase the blanket received here and many, many other products at Swaddle Design's website.

WIN IT: ONE lucky reader of Mama 2 Multiples is going to WIN their choice of one of the cozy stroller blankets seen here. (Winner's choice of color). To enter, simply follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter form below!

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