Monday, August 13, 2012

Mason at 17 Months Old!

I can't believe Mason has been a part of our family for 17 months now! It doesn't seem possible that in 7 short months, he will be TWO! I just want to freeze time for a little longer and soak it all up.

Mason is so different from the twins when they were his age. He talks a ton! Some of it is jibberish that we can't quite understand yet, but he surprises us daily with new words or sounds. So far he can say mama, dada, daddy, dad, mom, connor, hi, love you, night night, bye bye, more, milk, ashley, logan, up, truck, vroom vroom, woof woof, meow, i want that, hey dude, and I am sure there is a lot more that I am not remembering right now! 

He knows where his head, toes, eyes, ears, and nose are and will point to each one when you ask him where they are. He also knows what sound a cat, dog, and truck/car makes. (Hence the "meow," "woof-woof," and "vroom vroom" words listed above!) 

He isn't very picky when it comes to eating. As long as he eats, he just doesn't care. Although, he definitely isn't a big fan of peanut butter and jelly. But other than that, he will eat anything and everything in front of him!

He eats with a fork and from a plate, and does really well! I remember the twins never even did that until much after they turned 2. It was probably closer to 2.5 or 3 when they started successfully eating with utensils like Mason is now.

He takes an hour or so nap in the morning, and then goes down again around 1 in the afternoon, when Connor and Merasia go down for a nap. He LOVES to be outside! He is always trying to put his shoes on to go out and run around. He LOVES riding in one of the coupe cars we recently for for the kids. They are his favorite toy, by far!

His other favorite past time is playing in the sandbox!

Mason has the sweetest personality! He will give hugs and kisses to everybody, whether they ask him for some or not. a few nights ago we were playing outside with our neighbor and her 11 month old son Logan, and him and Mason kept hugging, kissing, and talking to each other. It was the sweetest thing!

As much as he is a lovable little guy, he has a temper on him! He knows just the things to do to get his brother and sister going, and he isn't afraid to do them! He will take toys or books away from them and then get mad when I make him give them back since they had them first. He will hit, scratch, and try to bite when he gets angry with them or with us. He has a very HOT temper for such a little guy! Sometimes when we just speak to him sternly, he sticks his little bottom lip out as far as it will go and pouts. It's so cute!

Mason also LOOOOVES to DANCE! He will dance to any music he hears, it's so cute to see him shake his little booty and spin around in circles. When we sing "Happy and You Know It," he does the whole song with us. He claps his hands, stomps his feet, and shouts "Hooray!"

Mason got his first hair cut last month. He just got a little trim but he sat in the chair SO well and got a lollipop treat afterwards. 

He goes to daycare 3 days a week and absolutely loves it! He has so many friends there and his teachers just love him there and say he fits in so well and is a joy in the 1-year-old classroom! :) He loves doing all of the activities at daycare, like singing and dancing, coloring, painting, and playing outside. This was a photo I got emailed to me one day while he was at daycare. They had just done "apple painting" and he was getting a quick bath in the sink! SO cute!

It's so amazing to us to watch Mason grow and do the things he does, because we waited so long for the twins to get the point where he is at. But, they were early and there was 2 of them, and now, Mason has the advantage of watching 2 older role models do and say things, which only helps him mature and learn new things even quicker. It's sad for me because my baby boy is getting so big, but it's so good for him and I love it at the same time. I can't wait to see how Mason is when we are pregnant again and my belly grows, and when he sees a new baby in the house! I am sure he will be an amazing big brother though, just like his brother and sister were and still are. :)

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