Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Award!!

In case you all hadn't noticed by now, there's a new little addition in the sidebar of my blog, underneath "Awards." Yep! That's right! Mama 2 Multiples is the very, very proud recipient of my second blog award!!

I was contacted by Lauren from a few weeks ago, telling me that my blog had been nominated as a Top 100 Web Resource for Expectant Moms. I was so excited to even be nominated, and even more so when I received word from her a week or so later that my blog had made the final list!

Mama 2 Multiples is number 13 on the list of 100 Best Sites for Pregnancy and Parenting!! I am beyond thrilled to received this recognition and am even more thrilled that my blog is now out there for even more mamas and soon-to-be- mamas to find and use as a resource for their own experiences. I started this blog to share my own opinions, advice, and experience with other mothers like myself, and having this recognition now could not have been a better reward for all of the hard work I have put in to this blog and keeping it going. 

I am so honored and ecstatic!

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