Thursday, August 2, 2012

The County Fair!

The county fair came to town last weekend! This is probably the biggest thing that comes to our county, and it's the place where everyone in our county comes out to play and visit and see what there is to see. We went last year, but the kids were a little too young to care about rides and things, but they did enjoy the petting zoo and other little things. This year though, it was a whole new world! We went with our friend and neighbor Ashley, and her 10 month old baby Logan. Mason and Logan loved sharing a stroller and testing out our new double stroller! ;-)

The first thing we did was go find the animals in the petting zoo area. We saw ducks, chickens, a turkey, horses, cows, donkeys, rabbits, goats, sheep, and so much more! 

This little guy was sleeping sitting up:

Mason and Logan LOVED petting the rabbits!

After we visited all the animals, Merasia wanted to go on a pony ride. I wasn't surprised that Connor didn't want to go on a pony ride, but Merasia and I still had fun. She was really excited, until it was our turn. She started to get a little scared and for a minute, I thought I was going to have to get my money back for the pony ride but I picked her up and sat her on her pony so she could see there was nothing to be afraid of, and she was fine after that and absolutely LOVED it!!

Connor was good just hanging out with daddy, Ashley, and the babies, watching from the sidelines.

After the pony ride, we headed over to the kids play tent where there was a bunch of different activities going on. Connor and Merasia "milked" a "cow" with a little help from daddy...

And they blew some bubbles...

Connor and daddy thoroughly enjoyed watching the lumberjack show together!

After that, we went on a few rides. This was the first time the twins had ever been on any fair rides!

Mason and Logan went on their very first ride together too, on the carousel!

After going on some rides, we decided to get some lunch! We enjoyed burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, french fries, and lots and lots of water!

Logan played his first fair game and won a Spongebob beach ball!

I am SO not a fan of fair games. They cost way too much money, and it's such a waste. That's why I decided to pass on the basketball game for Connor, but he did have fun getting a sample of the game and made 4 baskets in a row all by himself, with no help at all! We were so proud! ;-)

Connor and Merasia for their faces painted, while the babies took a little snooze in the stroller...

After getting their faces painted and cute, we headed over to meet daddy where he was watching the truck pulls. The kids loved it just as much as daddy!

We got some fun balloons/blow up characters:

After spending all day at the fair, we grabbed some maple cotton candy and headed back to the van. Connor and Merasia was exhausted and passed out in no time...

Mason and Logan held on as long as they could....

They did eventually fall asleep though. 

It was an amazing and beautiful day! I loved spending the day doing so many fun activities and enjoying the fair through the eyes of our children. We will be there every year from here on out, for sure! It was definitely worth the money and our time!

And now, we have the next exciting thing to look forward to...our very first little family vacation at Santa's Village in a couple of weeks!!

Stay tuned for those updates!

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