Thursday, September 6, 2012

Corn Maze Fun!

This past weekend, we decided we would check out the Great Vermont Corn Maze! I had never done a corn maze before, and of course the kids have never done one either, and I have heard all this buzz about the Great Vermont Corn Maze, so we had to check it out. It's only an hour away from us which really isn't that bad, and the kids were all free. Admission for me and Frank was only $12 a piece, and it included the kids corn maze, the bigger more difficult corn maze, Kids Town (a little western village for the kids to play in), petting zoo, and an indoor play area with some tractors, a slide, underground tunnels, and other discoveries. So, we couldn't go wrong with that price for all of that!

When we got there and got our tickets, the corn helpers at the admissions counter gave us instructions and directions to start each maze so we could decide which to do first. We were going to do both, but after starting the kids maze (20 minutes long) we decided that would be enough for one day. 

It was well worth it though and SO cute! To start, there was Door #1 with instructions for starting...

Each door had instructions or clues for solving the maze. We did pretty good...we only went around in circles once but quickly got back on the right track to solving the maze. ;) Besides, getting lost is what makes it so much fun! 

Throughout the maze there are different bridges or look outs that you can climb up on and see above the entire was so neat and such a cool view! There was corn as far as the eye could see!

In that last picture you can see another lookout in the distance where other corn mazers were checking out. So cool!

At one point during the maze, we hit a dead end. We thought we had come to the end of the maze, but soon saw that it a trick! A really neat trick though...

Soon after reaching this dead end, we came across the first Bell of Frustration:

We weren't feeling very frustrated, but the kids still had tons of fun ringing the bell! Later on, there was a second bell of frustration...

The underground tunnel was super cool, too.

There was sooo many "Ohhh's" and "Ahhh's" from Connor and Merasia throughout the whole maze. They really loved it and thought it was sooo fun and cool, as did we! ;)

Finally, we found the bell of success at the end of the maze!

After we were done with the maze, we followed the labeled trail to find Kids Town and the petting zoo area. It was a nice little nature walk, and the kids LOVED LOVED LOVED the Kids Western Town. It was so, so cute! There was a stable, a jail, a trading post, tee pee, "horses: and buggy, and little cabin. Mason even got in on the fun!

When we were done playing in Kids Town and checking everything out, we headed for the petting zoo where there were a bunch of goats and a sheep. You could go into the pen with them and pet them and just play, so that was really neat! Merasia LOVED this guy and kept calling him "Buddy" and talking baby talk to him through the fence...

We went inside the pen to see the baby goats and just get closer to them all. While we were in there, one of the goats started pooping, which got Merasia all excited...and not in a good way...

See her body language in the photo above? She was jumping up and down saying "Mama, he's pooping! Ew! Poop!" I couldn't help but laugh at her reaction as I tried my best to tell her it was fine and that everybody and every thing poops....and then she looked at the goat and said "That's not nice! You know better!" This erupted in a whole new set of laughs from hubs and me...the things that come out of her mouth sometimes are too much to handle! ;) But, regardless of poop or not, the goats were ADORABLE and oh so friendly!

After visiting with the goats for a bit, we checked out inside a barn where there was piles and piles of hay and toy tractors for the kids to play on, as well as a "horse swing."

Merasia and I checked out the "gopher tunnels" (underground tunnels) and the cool slide...

After we were done there, we stopped to try some homemade samples of peanut butter, jam, pickles, and salsa that was being sold near the exit of the corn maze festivities. Everything was soooo yummy and being homemade and canned, I couldn't pass it up! It was my first time trying Amish Maple Peanut Butter and it's my new favorite food item! I am absolutely IN LOVE! I had to get some and it's already almost gone! I also go some blueberry pomegranate jam that was soooo good! 

After we left the corn maze, we stopped at a local playground nearby for the kids to eat the lunch we had packed and run around for a bit. They weren't interested in eating but all had a complete blast running around and going down slides and swinging on the tire swing over and over and over again. 

It was a wonderful family day and I can't wait to do more weekends like that. Summer is coming to an end, but fall is beautiful too. I love the cooler air, but not too cold. The foggy mornings and crisp leaves crunching as you walk over them. 

Next up on the list is apple picking and fun at the pumpkin patch...but more to come on that in the next couple of weeks....

Happy Fall everyone! ;)

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