Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Still Here!

Life has been insane on our end, but I'm still here! I guess I am well overdue for an update, huh?

For starters, a tiny diarrhea bug has hit our household within the last couple of weeks. It started with hubs a couple weeks ago, and then Connor last week. We are still working on potty training with him, and he is doing well, the poop part is just back and forth at times. He had diarrhea during one of his poop on the potty moments last week and I made a mental note to put a diaper on him for nap time, just in case. And of course pregnancy brain struck again and I forgot, until an hour into nap time when he was fast asleep. So, hubs got home around 4 and woke Connor up from his nap, and of course, he was COVERED in poop. Wet, gooey, brown, stinky, watery, diarrhea. EVERYWHERE. All the way from his butt to his feet. His pants were sticking to his body, they were so caked with poop. We threw out his underwear and socks, but the pants were brand new so I was not about to throw those away! We cleaned him up as much as possible with baby wipes and paper towels, and then plopped him in the bathtub to wash him up real good and got him in a diaper just in case it happened again, and didn't bother putting clean pants on him, in case it happened again. He did go a few more times right after that, but he told us he had to go and ran to do it on the potty, so that helped with much less clean up and no more messes. We got his sheets off his bed and clean ones on, and by 4:30 that afternoon, he was fine. It never happened again and when he pooped again the next day, it was more solid. The diarrhea bug soon hit me, and just hit Merasia, but it's pretty much done with her now, thankfully.

So, there's that. We have all been battling a head cold/sinus infection, too. And I'm still dealing with pregnancy exhaustion. Not a good combination, but we are getting through it!

The kiddos are good, of course. Thriving and having fun and bringing us more and more joy every second of every day!

Connor is having a little bit of an adjustment issue with mommy being pregnant with another baby, but we are working closely with him on it and he will be fine, I am sure. It's a huge adjustment for us, but even more so for the children! 

Anywho, I'm still alive, and lots more updates coming soon, as well as more reviews and giveaways! ;)

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