Monday, October 29, 2012


Another fun event we do every year around this time is Malloween. Malloween is a fun family and children's event at the local mall. The children all dress up, parade through the mall and trick or treat for candy at all of the stores. There is a bounce house for the children's fun as well, and some other little activities like coloring and trick or treating for little toys and trinkets like pencils, stickers, etc. The kids got a little bit of candy, plenty for them since they ended up eating most of it before we left the mall, and finished the rest on the car ride home! ;)

Another fun part of Malloween is the costume contests! They do contests for each different age group, the first one was for babies up to age 3, so all 3 of our kids participated in that one, and Connor and Merasia WON first place in their age group for the contest!! We were SO excited! They received a $25 gift card to Walmart to share, so they are very excited to go pick out a cool new toy with that soon. :)

I know it sounds silly to some, but seeing them win that contest was one of the proudest moments I have experience as a mother this far. I know there are many, many more to come, but this was their first real win at anything, and it was so cool and special for all of us!

Unfortunately, the event was so busy I have no photos to share, but there wasn't much to snap photos of, anyway. :)

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