Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pregnancy Update! (And Other Stuff...!)

Exhaustion and slight pregnancy nausea have made it difficult to update as often, but I do have an ultrasound photo to share!

The bigger circle on the bottom is our little jelly bean and the smaller circle on top is the yolk sac. Definitely one baby, and we saw a nice strong heartbeat on the screen! The heart beat clocked in at 132 beats per minute  and baby is measuring at 7 weeks, 3 days, instead of the 6 weeks, 4 days we thought I was today. Some of you already know that we have had quite the stress over here with this pregnancy these last few weeks. We have had 2 earlier ultrasounds show nothing or what may have seemed like nothing, and some blood work that the doctor deemed questionable but turns out, after our own research, to be completely normal. We were waiting for an ultrasound like this and a good, strong heartbeat to confirm viability and stop worrying and stressing, so now we can bask in this pregnancy and fully enjoy it from here on out!

Other than that, we are all doing well...more updates coming soon, and lots more reviews and giveaways to come as soon as I get over this pregnancy exhaustion and semi nausea stuff! ;)

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