Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Art Night!

Last week, hubs and I took the kids to Pumpkin Art Night. Pumpkin art Night is an event that is held in our town every year, where families can come to decorate or carve their pumpkin, do other activities and socialize with friends and other people in the community. We have never gone before, because we either didn't have children or they were too young to really do much. We weren't going to go this year, but decided to at the last minute. We went with our friend and neighbor Ashley, and her 13 month old son, Logan, and met some other friends of ours there too, Jenn and Terry with their two kids so the kids had a good time playing and seeing each other.

It was recommended for us to bring our own pumpkins because they have a limited supply there. The first thing we did was get a picture taken of the kids. Kids could choose to dress up or not, and our wanted to, of course! It made for the CUTEST picture of them!!

After the pictures we decided to have the kids make a trick or treat bag. They had so much fun putting stickers on their bags and daddy helped Mason decorate his pumpkin with stickers instead of a bag. 

Logan had fun decorating his bag too, and did SO good putting stickers on all by himself!

After our bags were done, we moved to the trick or treat table, where the kids could "trick or treat" for different toys and trinkets. There was a lot to choose from and the kids loved it! They got lots of fun goodies!

Everyone was hungry for a little snack after all that fun, so we got some fruit, cupcakes, pretzels, and homemade breads to munch on, along with some apple cider, and it was nice to sit down, relax, visit, and have a snack. :)

After the snack, Mason decided he wanted to check our the book corner and "read" a few stories to us. ;)

We didn't end up doing any pumpkin carving, but that was fine with us. None of the children were carving the pumpkins themselves, of course, that is an adult's job, but many of them had lots of fun helping to pick out the pumpkin guts! ;) Our pumpkins were a little too small to carve, and by the time we were done doing everything we had already done, we all were tired and ready to head out. It was a good night though, and everyone had fun so it was beyond worth it! :)

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