Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Plus Size Lingerie Boutique Review

I have worked with costume reviewers many times in the past, and have always been extremely satisfied with all of the products I have received. So I was SO excited to get to work with a new online shop, Plus Size Lingerie Boutique on a new review!

The Plus Size Lingerie Boutique caters to bustier, plus size women. Since having children myself, of course my breasts are larger than they used to be and I have gained some weight in other areas as well, so it's not easy to find sexy or even casual clothes anymore. But Plus Size Lingerie Boutique offers sexy costumes, baby dolls, cami and bra sets, chemises, corsets and bustiers, panties, bridal products, sleepwear and robes, and other accessories. 

For my review I chose the black slip dress in a size that would accommodate my bust size and all around size as well. 

Unfortunately I can't find a good photo to use to show what the dress looks like, but it can be found on the website. I chose to not include photos of myself wearing the dress just yet, because I was not comfortable putting myself out there like that quite yet. 

At the time I chose this dress for review, I was thinking in terms of going out dancing with my girls. I didn't know I was pregnant with this baby yet, and it looked like a great party dress! I have never had a "little black dress" so I was excited to get this! 

The thing I really like about this dress aside from that it's super sexy and cute, is that it has the option of going strapless or using straps with it, and as any other bustier woman can attest to, sometimes straps are extremely important in sexy dresses like this! ;)

The quality is excellent, and I was eager to try the dress on as soon as I got it, and loved it just the same, if not more, than before I got it and had it in my hands!

I was very, very happy with this product, and will be recommending Plus Size Lingerie Boutique to all of my friends and family, as well as returning as a repeat customer myself in the future.

Be sure to check out the array of products on their website and follow PSL Boutique on Facebook!


Anna said...

What do you think of having large size lingerie shopped online? There are great and beautiful designs to check out.

Karen Susan said...

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