Friday, November 9, 2012

Trick or Treat!

I know it's a couple of weeks past Halloween, but I haven't updated since so I figured it was a good time to do so!

The weather forecast was calling for showers off and on Halloween day and evening so we were a little nervous for that but we already had made our mind up that we were going trick or treating no matter what! It's one night a year for the kids to dress up in funny, creative costumes and get goodies so we weren't going to let anything stop us! Our kids are troopers too and will do anything in any kind of weather, they love going on adventures and getting out and about! But, we had nothing to worry about as the rain stopped by that afternoon and stayed away until late that night when we were all already home and in bed. 

The kids all had daycare Halloween day and they had a Halloween party. They wore their costumes to daycare, and went trick or treating to some local stores near their daycare. The local newspaper even was there to take pictures of them out and about and their teachers emailed me some pictures. So cute!

We picked the kids up a little early from daycare so we could get them fed before going out trick or treating. Their aunt Crystal (hubs sister) stopped by to see them and give them some treats before we headed out, and we stopped at some of our neighbor's houses to trick or treat before driving over to town. They were so excited when they were dressed and ready to head out on the town!

We stayed out for an hour or so, and that was plenty of time for all 3 kids to get a TON of candy! It was actually really warm out too, so it made for nice trick or treating fun for all of us. Mason walked most of the time too, and he had SO much fun! He loved putting his bucket up at each place we stopped at to get candy, even though he can't quite say trick or treat yet. He did say thank you after every single time, without us having to remind him to say it, so that was adorable. :)

When all was said and done, the kids had a huge bowl full of candy, and I charge a candy tax so...I got some yummy candy too! ;)

Halloween was great this year, and I'm already planning next year's costumes! ;)

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