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Dali Decals Review & Giveaway!

I have always wanted some wall decals for the kid's rooms or anywhere in our home, really. I think they add a really formal, sweet touch to the home! I stumbled upon Dali Decals from another friend's blog, and fell in LOVE! There are SO many different designs to choose from, truly something for every room in your home, and for every personality. The categories range from nursery/kid's rooms, headboards and furniture decals, sports decals, animal decals, tree decals, quotes, bathroom decals, kitchen decals, and tons more!

This one was a BIG favorite of mine:

This was another one I considered when trying to choose which one I wanted to review:

And this one...

In the end though, I chose one to use in Connor and Merasia's room, and the same one for Mason's room. It seemed fitting, and caught my eye:

I got one of these in the seafoam color and the other in a turquoise just to make them a little different. I was nervous about doing a review for Dali Decals, just because I wanted to be extra sure that when these decals were on the wall, they would not take the paint off the wall if and when we took them off in the far future. We rent, so this was very, very important! The Frequently Asked Questions part of their website was very helpful with this issue. It helped me decide which material to choose for the decal (we went with matte) and made me feel much better about getting them. I would have hated to waste a review on something I ended up not being able to use after all. 

I received the decals about a week or so later, and was excited to get them up on the wall, but unfortunately one of them would not properly come off from the paper backing to get it on the wall. I contacted the company representative that I had been working with, and she immediately sent me out new decals with no questions asked, which really impressed me. It's enough of a favor for a company to send you one free product, but when they have no problem sending more than one or replacement product, it says even more about the company and their morals, and I love seeing that. It definitely makes me want to become a regular future customer and recommend them even more to friends and family. 

Along with the decals came instructions and a practice decal to try first. The practice decal was a small sun design, just to practice getting on the wall correctly. I of course wanted to practice, but also wanted to keep the practice decal on the wall for a few days and then see if it took any paint off after being up for a little while. It was small, so if it had taken any paint off it wouldn't have been as big a deal as the bigger decals taking more paint off. After a few days we peeled the practice decal off, and it peeled right off just as easily as it went on, and the paint and wall surface was perfect, just the way it was before applying the decal!

I thought I was having some problems with the second set of decals I was sent to replace the defective ones from the first time, but the customer service rep I had been emailing regularly went so far as to send me an actual video of her taking the same exact design I had off of the paper backing and applying it, to help me see the correct way to do it. The instructions were easy, but I guess I just didn't quite get it right! ;)

After seeing the video, I had both decals on both walls within minutes! It was VERY easy. The one in Connor and Merasia's room was SLIGHTLY crooked, but you can't tell by much, so I was happy with it. I was a pro by the time I did the decal on Mason's wall, so that one came out straight and perfect. :)

This is the decal in the twins' bedroom:

From the photo it looks clearly crooked, but it's really not as noticeable as it looks here in person!

This is the decal in Mason's room:

I love that Mason's color of his decal matches the color of his picture that is underneath it, and matches some of his bedding and blankets that you can't see here in the photo. 

I love looking at these decals every time I walk into my children's rooms, and I have gotten so many compliments on them from friends, family, and other visitors that have seen them. 

I would definitely get more decals from Dali Decals. I'd love one in our room, so that is next on the list! 

After I got the hang of it, these decals were easy to apply and took very little work and very little time! Of course there are different ones that I'm sure are smaller and even easier to apply. :)

I would recommend Dali Decals to all of my friends and family, and even complete strangers. I was SO happy with my experience, and the customer service was phenomenal. 

Purchase it: You can purchase the decals seen here and many more at Dali Decal's website!

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