Monday, December 24, 2012

Posy Lane Review & Giveaway

I love personalized items, especially personalized children's items! I found Posy Lane through a search engine inquiry and must have spent at least 2 hours on the website, just browsing through all of the unique and beautiful products! I don't think there is anything Posy Lane doesn't have! From personalized ink stamps, phone cases, mom agenda planners, cutting boards, plates, mouse pads, vanity license plates, bath towel wraps, bath robes, tote bags, fleece throw blankets, stationary products, sleeping bags, nap mats, lunch bags, kid's backpacks, laundry bags, water bottles....the list just never ends!

A little about Posy Lane from their website:

"After many years of retail experience, Posy Lane, Inc. was founded by Kerrie Barton in 2007, with the support of her long-suffering husband Nathen.  The store-front was located in downtown McKinney, Texas in the historic square.  Customers quickly came to rely on Posy Lane to supply them with unique gifts and invitations for every occasion, as well as printing and embroidery services."

For starters, I was impressed with the customer service I received from Nathen right from the start. When I inquired about working together on a blog review, he stated that their company policy was to only work with bloggers who had their own domain, something I did not have and had never considered before for financial and other reasons. He tried to help me find out how to do that for my blog through, and after much searching and trying, we just could not get it done. However, I was pleasantly surprised when Nathen said he was impressed with my determination to try and find a solution to the issue, and we could work together regardless of my having my own domain or not. This showed great passion, morals, and all around great drive to satisfy customers above and beyond.

I was then given a choice of what to review: backpack, tote bag, or towel wrap. Since the twins had just started preschool, I really wanted to get them personalized backpacks. They had other backpacks we had gotten for them at the store, but these backpacks from Posy Lane were far too cute to pass up!

There were so many choices, it was difficult to decide! 

For Merasia, I chose the Stephen Joseph Cupcake Quilted Toddler Backpack for review, and for Connor I chose the Stephen Joseph Sports Quilted Toddler Backpack. 

Merasia has always been really into cupcakes, and of course Connor is into all sorts of sports and balls, so these were perfect choices. I knew they would love them and with their names on them would be even cuter!

It didn't take long at all to receive these backpacks, and the kid's reactions to them were just as I had hoped they would be! 

They used these backpacks for school the very next day, and have used them every day for school since then!

These backpacks each have a little zipper compartment on the outside, which is actually bigger than it looks! The actual backpack portion of these has a double draw string under the top flaps and the flap then comes down to close over and attaches with a magnet button. In addition to the backpack straps to wear these on their backs, each one also has a carry handle. As with other backpacks, the shoulder straps can easily be adjusted with buttons and button holes. I really love that they can be personalized as well, because not only does it add a cute touch to the bags, but being in preschool or at daycare, they will never lose their backpacks because there are no other backpacks like these there, and they have their names on them, and they are the only Connor and Merasia in their classes! It doesn't say if these backpacks are machine washable, but I would think they would be. I have not had to wash them yet, so I have not needed to search for the car tag or anything. We can fit quite a bit in these backpacks as well! Connor and Merasia each have a change of clothes, a few toys, and we even stuff their mittens and snow pants in their backpacks too and they still close and fit fine! 

I think I love these backpacks just as much, if not more, than the kids do! ;) If you are looking for unique, trendy, cute, and special products, look no further than Posy Lane!

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