Thursday, January 10, 2013

Connor and Merasia Turn 4!!

These little ones....

Turned 4 yesterday!!

I cannot believe my babies are 4 years old! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was in labor and working hard to bring them into this world! They have grown into the most beautiful, smart, funny, amazing, loving little beings we ever could have hoped for, and we feel so blessed to have been chosen to be their parents. They are truly our miracle babies!

Yesterday they went to daycare as usual, and I got some much needed cleaning done at home (winter break from classes = extra time for cleaning!). Hubs met me at their daycare when he got home from work around 4, and we left from there to go to Pizza Putt, about an hour away from where we live. We started this tradition on their birthday last year, and are going to do it every year on their real birthday, just us and them and their siblings. Pizza Putt is a pizza restaurant of course, with a variety of other food, as well as a huge arcade full of rides and games that you can win prizes on, a miniature golf course, bumper cars, batting cage, and a HUGE play structure and ball pit. 

We started with some pizza and breadsticks for dinner. 

Mason was busy loving on his Mickey, as he was very tired by dinner time! :)

After dinner, our waitress brought out a warm chocolate chip cookie ice cream sundae with a candle each for Connor and Merasia, and of course brought one for Mason too, as we knew he would insist on one if he didn't get one! ;) 

The kids looooved their birthday treats! After we were all done eating, it was time for some FUN! I got Mason changed into his pajamas and then all 3 kids were on the loose! They had tons and tons of fun climbing all through the play structure, going down the slides, and jumping in the ball pit!

Our big girl trying out the monkey bars!

We got some tokens from the arcade area, so the kids could ride on some of the rides and play some games they wanted to explore.

The joy on their little faces in these photos just melts my heart! I love that we can give them a good life, for very little money, and help them make memories that will truly last a lifetime, along with special traditions like these.

My phone died at some point while we were here, or I could have taken many more photos but I did get a ton and I'm happy with that! By the time we left, everyone was overly ready to get going! Mason was WAY over tired and not handling it very well at all but was fine by the time we got him bundled up and into his car seat. I got the twins changed into their pajamas and all 3 kids were passed out in the van minutes after leaving Pizza Putt, so getting home and getting them quietly into bed for the night was very easy. 

Now, final party preparations are in full swing! Their party is this Sunday, and I can't wait for them to celebrate their birthday with all of their little friends! It's definitely going to be a memorable day!

I can't believe we are the parents of FOUR year olds.........!

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