Thursday, January 31, 2013

Influenster Holiday VoxBox 2012 Review!

I was SO excited when I received word that I was chosen to receive a Holiday VoxBox for review! I had NO idea what I was going to be receiving for products in the VoxBox, which made the anticipation even more exciting!

When I did receive the VoxBox (which didn't take long at all, but because I was so excited, it felt like it took forever!), I was far from disappointed with the products inside!

In my VoxBox I receieved a coupon to use for Sole Society (online shoe store!), a packet of EBoost Vitamin C drink in pink lemonage flavor, KISS Nails manicure set, Quaker Real Medley's oatmeal in summer berry flavor, a new Goody quikstyle hair brush, and NYC Lip Color lip gloss! So many goodies for any mama would love!

The first product I tried was the Quaker Real Medley's oatmeal. It's made the same way as regular oatmeal, by just adding water and heating it in the microwave.

It was BEYOND delicious!! Though it was small, it filled me up for hours, and with it being healthy, I felt like I was eating a treat because it was so yummy, yet didn't need to feel guilty about it.

I was eager to try out the Goody Quikstyle hair brush because it was like something I had never seen before, being such a new product. It is specially designed to work with wet, or damp hair. 

I found that the brush worked well, though it would probably have worked better if I was actually styling my hair and doing something with it other than simply brushing it out and putting it back. It did seem to soak up more of the wetness than just drying it with a towel did, though, due to the blu sponge-like bristles intertwined in the brush.

I'm a big lip gloss fan as well, so I had to try that out as soon as possible! I liked the shade, that it looks so natural yet you still get a nice shine with it, so it's obvious there is something there. The taste was not impressive, though. I know lip gloss is not for tasting purposes, but it's inevitable that when you wear something on your lips, you are bound to taste it at some point, so it's nice to have a little bit of flavor contained in there somewhere.

I was very interested to try the EBOOST drink. I like Emergen-C, so I assumed it would be similar to that. It was very easy to make as well! Simply use 8 ounces of water, add the packet, and allow to sit for a few minutes. It soon begins to fizz and foam, and then is ready and mixed enough to consume.

The packet I received was pink lemonade flavor, and it was more yummy than I originally expected. I did feel a little more energized after drinking it, which was good, because I decided to try it in the afternoon when I was feeling pretty tired and run down after my busy morning. I will say though, the smell can be a big turn off. I caught a whiff of it a couple of times as I took a sip, and it definitely tastes better than it smells, but I would definitely drink it again and recommend it as well.

I was not able to use the coupon for Sole Society before it expired, and have not had the time to sit down and actually do my nails to try out the KISS Nails manicure set, but I have to say, I might just be most excited to try that one out! I just need to find the time with my busy school, household, and kiddo schedule! ;)

Overall, I am so happy I was chosen to receive and review my very first Holiday VoxBox from Influenster! I had a great time trying out all of these products and was, for the most part, very happy with the results and all would come recommended from this mama blogger. ;)

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