Friday, March 8, 2013

Mason is 2!!

On March 4, 2011, we were blessed with another beautiful, amazing miracle.....

Mason George Ryan arrived 3.4.11 at 3:51 p.m., and has never stopped amazing us from the second the midwife placed him on my chest.

I absolutely cannot believe my baby boy has gone from this......

To this................

I don't even know where to begin on these last 2 years with Mason! He adds more to our family than we could ever though possible! His sense of humor is amazing, his language is incredible and growing every minute, and his general personality just lights up a room!

Mason loves to run, jump, play, and be crazy! He is a typical 2 year old boy! He loves cars, trucks, and animals. He's in LOVE with Mickey Mouse. He looks up to his big brother more than we ever thought, and it's such a joy to see how much he loves his Connor, and how much Connor loves him. He looks so much like Connor did at this age, it's almost scary!

He knows all of his animals sounds, all of his colors, all of his numbers, some of his ABC's, and talks up a storm! I can't even keep track of everything he says now, because it's just way too much! 

He loves, loves, loves to sing and dance and has some slick moves for a little guy! ;)

He naps once a day, for 3-4 hours, and bedtime is 7:00 every night, and he sleeps soundly until 6:30 or 7:00 the next morning. There used to be a time that I thought this kid would never sleep, and then just as quickly as I thought that, he started sleeping beautifully all night, by himself.

Not many things upset Mason, but when he does get mad, he has a temper like no other! I'm guessing he gets that from his daddy....

We haven't started potty training quite yet, mostly because we got him a potty for his birthday, and plan on giving it to him at his party this coming weekend. He still has a pacifier, BUT...he's ONLY 2! We personally don't feel like there is any rush in taking it away. The twins were almost 2.5 when we took theirs away, due to Mason's arrival and the big adjustment that a new baby brings, and that was perfectly fine for us. There is just no reason to rush it. Mason is the baby of the family right now, and has been for 2 years. He doesn't understand the idea of a new baby joining the family, like Connor and Merasia can understand it. Connor and Merasia had each other to lean on, play together, etc. when Mason was born, so it wasn't as big a deal to them. Mason doesn't have a twin like they do, so it's definitely going to be a much bigger adjustment for him when a new little one is in the home and in our family. His paci is a big comfort for him right now, and he's going to need all the comfort from people he can get, and all of the comfort objects in the world (his paci, his blankie, etc.) to help him adjust. 

He still sleeps in a crib, and that's fine too. We did buy him a toddler bed for his birthday, he has seen it, but I can't wait for him to see it when it's all set up! We aren't rushing that either though. He is happy in his crib, has only gotten out of it by himself once (many months ago!) and never figured it out again, so we figure why ruin something good? I rushed it with the twins and regret it, so I will not be making that mistake again. Even if he were to sleep fine in the bed at first, problems always arise at some point down the road, and with the crib and him still being safe and happy in the crib, those problems are avoided until much later. 

I also just don't see the point in rushing Mason to grow up. He's only a baby once, and he's only a toddler once. Why rush him into all of these big kid things like using a toddler bed, taking his pacifier away, and so on? Let him be the toddler he is for as long as possible, because it goes by far too fast, and when it's gone for good, you will regret it. 

Because Mason's real birthday was this past Monday, we gave him a few of his presents then.

We got him lots of presents but the ones we gave him on his real birthday were his Mickey Mouse fleece blanket, his Mickey Mouse plate, bowl, fork, and spoon set, and his Mickey Mouse Collapsible Storage tote (to be used for toys, clothes, blankets, etc.). Our good friend and neighbor Ashley got him his very own Mickey Mouse couch which he looooooves!!

This weekend, we will have his party and I can't wait! Of course the whole theme is Mickey Mouse! I can't wait to see his cake and to see his reaction to the cake, decorations, and party in general! I can't believe my baby is really 2, but that also means the countdown is REALLY on for baby girl to make her arrival in just 3 short months.... ;-)

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